Upon arriving the pavilion, you can barely comprehend what is inside but only have a glimpse through the wood slits. Beginning with a slow ascending ramp, while light is shimmering through from the Nursery Park, you are able to spot cabinets of seeds enclosed on the other side viewing through the slits. On the first turn, a hidden central courtyard is revealed, yet you continue to climb up the ramp to appease your curiosity.

Slowly unfolding along the walk, you reach at a rare height at the tree canopy. Out of inherent urge, you step on the mesh surface that feels like turf to closely observe and caress the leaves. After lying beside the crown of trees and being sheltered from the fierce sun and wind by the dense layer of leaves, you descend to the ground through a flight of stairs. Re-entering the courtyard at the last turn to join the crowds under the tree canopy, you discover the Seed Room you vaguely saw through the slits at the beginning. Picking seeds from the cabinets, you decide to propagate these lives.


Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chung, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Collaborator: Chris TSUI Chun-Shing (Urban Paradox)
Status: Concept Design
Location: Hong Kong
Area: 320 sq.m
Date: June 2017
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