Furnishing your dream home with the newly bought stylish piece of television as the final touch, the perfect moment would no doubt be leaning on the chic designer couch watching movie streaming online. In reality, nevertheless, your adorable kids would start bumping in front of the screen looking for attention from their exhausted parents.

To keep your beloved tiny one occupied, the cardboard package comes to be quite helpful other than merely protecting the screen. Folding of an arc strengthens the seating shell structure, and slotting of pieces further structuralises each part and joint  (e.g. pedal, handle, head etc.). In just a few simple and easy steps, the box turns into a rocking horse/ swan/ bike.

While the kids could entertain themselves with the mesmerising rocking motion, you finally could also enjoy yourself with the exhilarating action series. Let’s Watch & Roll!


Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Natalie KO Tsz-Ching, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Photographer: Jimmy HO
Status: Completed
Date: May 2020
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