Inspired by the company philosophy of Vitasoy, we decided to translate this same philosophy and belief in spatial terms for the office renovation: Nutrition & Life; Sustainability & Nature; Identity & Hong Kong.

Splitting the central programmes into various smaller blocks giving rise to a more fluid organic circulation and generation of the ‘Informal Spaces’ in-between, we pushed the design furthermore in creating Spatial Identity for the VITASOY company brand. These programme boxes are either Recreation Areas, Pantries or Service Blocks, which are the indispensable subsidiary function in supporting the healthy working environment. VITA which implies ‘healthy living’ is coinciding with the nature of these programmes. Hence, we name these as ‘VITA Programme Boxes’.


Design Team: Tsang Aron Wai Chun
Status: Concept Design
Location: Hong Kong
Floor Area: 6,500 sq.m
Date: Nov 2017
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