Enveloped with a highly restricted volume, the station cabinet is a robust yet elegant form resulted from the spatial and performance requirements. The concrete mass, which houses all necessary pieces of equipment, performs as the structural and functional core like the coral skeleton and septum. Layers of ascending horizontal fins are cladded around in merging the volume into a single and clean formal expression. The formal discrepancies between the cabinet and the fins give rise to varying depths and shades of the facade that alters when viewed at different angles and distance, generating the reading of layers in coral reefs.

Fins are made out of recycled thin aluminum shingles cut at a modular size of 300mmW x 140mmH. Anchoring to the outer skin structure by a 5mmL nail, slight flapping movement of the shingles are allowed as the sea breeze blows through. The passive yet dynamic fins generate an animated skin that brings “life” to the new TGS.


Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Hera LUI Ching, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Status: Completed
Location: Tai Po Kau, Hong Kong
Floor Area: 18 sq.m
Date: September 2020
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