Sun-Moon Bridge serves more than a connector but bridges the Old City (North) and the new development (South) through a circular programmatic relation to the county-wide context.

To appreciate the beautiful ecology of Yongxin, the Sun-Moon Bridge naturally evolves into a circular elongated gallery allowing visitors to witness in 360 degrees from the most prime spot - above the Heshui River. Inscribing a perfect circle as the outer edge (the Sun), layers of deformed eclipses are overlaid to create a spectrum of coverages, hence shadows, along the bridge in mimicking the Moon phases across a month.


Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Hera LUI Ching
Collaborators: Whiteground, Iterative Studio
Location: YongXin, China
Area: 3,000 sq.m
Date: September 2020
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