Studs are common sight on streets of London. Small yet powerful, studs are highly effective in defining boundaries. They are a spatial kind of boundary that forms a grey area in terms of ownership and uses.

Stud Or Bud is an attempt to dissolve hostile boundaries through architecture. Boundaries have different scales and ease of trespassing. The nature of different scales of boundaries even with the same type of materials like studs could have different impact or strength as a boundary depending on its relationship with the human scale. By gradually increasing the height in a uniform field of studs, the once defensive architecture is transformed into a gradient landscape of studs/buds that invites people to enter and interact.


Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Natalie CHAN Yuk-Man, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Collaborator: Chris TSUI Chun-Shing (Whiteground)
Status: Concept
Location: London, United Kingdom
Area: 60 sq.m
Date: April 2019
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