Flower blossom is no doubt one of the most universal means that summer tags along to cheer up anyone through a direct and simple encounter. Frangipani (雞蛋花) is one of the most commonly found vegetations in Hong Kong that blooms in the summer. It is simple and beautiful yet down-to-earth and easy to approach. It also symbolises Hope, Rebirth, New Life etc. Hence we like to create an art piece with the experience of Frangipani as a Pond.

Not only it is a photogenic piece that visitors experience and share on social media, but by the end of the exhibition each flower will also be given away as a symbolic gesture to share Hope and carry on to their family and friends.


Designer: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Hera LUI Ching, Natalie KO Tsz-Ching, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Manufacturer: Kam Hung Metal Engrave
Client: FWD HOUSE 1881
Location: FWD HOUSE 1881, Hong Kong
Status: Completed
Date: July 2020
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