A soft monument made out of fishnet that mimics the ocean surface covered with plastic wastes. It highlights the amount of plastic wastes generated in different cities by tying and displaying the wastes collected to the fishnet hanging above. It transforms the wastes into a spatial installation that the public can walk underneath and experience like sea animals swimming under an ocean covered with plastic wastes. It is hoped that such experience can increase the public awareness of plastic abuse.

As the monument is intended to be transported and showcased at various cities, the monument is easily constructible with a highly modularized system. Each module is composed of a recycled rubber base, four poles and a fishnet. It can expand or subtract to fit in various sites and cater for different scale of display.


Finalist / Plastic Monument

Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Status: Concept
Location: Bologne, New York, Paris
Area: 150 sq.m
Date: July 2019
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