A lost village in north QianYuan, where used to be the founding location of southern Zen in China centuries ago. Accompanying with the development of high-speed railway and countryside tourism in proximity, revitalisation of this otherwise emptied village has been proposed.

Translating the spatial structure of a traditional Zen temple, the overall planning of this north part of the village will be refurbished into a hostel district with great sense of local texture. A mirror-brick walkway will be enclosing the area into series and layer of courtyards. New houses will be constructed as formal and textural contemporary translation of the traditional local houses.


Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Natalie CHAN Yuk-Man, Natalie KO Tsz-Ching, Wesley HO Hung-Lai 
Location: Qingyuan, Guangdong, China
Status: Ongoing
Area: 5,500 sq.m
Date: November 2019
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