In today’s mass consumption of information, occasions for physical encounter become ever more valuable, and Christmas as a tradition to celebrate the advent of Christ remains the most important amongst. At this time when people come together, the design proposes to recreate a huge cathedral covering the area in elements of light, bringing all people arriving under the same roof, serving as a graceful reminder of the nature of the Christian festival.

The area has a very rich history, reflected on its architecture. As a compliment, the design proposes an overarching cathedral of light. Architectural elements referencing St. Paul’s Cathedral transform into meshes of illumination, on one hand contrasting the heftiness of the street facades, on the other finding harmony in a similar architectural language. In place of cliche icons of santa claus, reindeer and snowman, would be nave, aisle and choir. On an international level, regards to St. Paul’s Cathedral as a landmark reinforces the appeal of the area to a global audience.


Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Wesley HO Hung-Lai
Collaborator: Francis LAM Yuk-Shui, Etain HO Shiu-Ting, Chris TSUI Chun-Shing
Location: London, United Kingdom
Status: Concept Design
Date: March 2018
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