Renovating the 30+-year-old traditional audio-visual engineering office with a branch extension that focuses on building innovative smart systems, the space is inheriting its legacy while transforming and entering into the contemporary era.

While preserving the Hi-Fi showrooms in almost intact but upgrading the walls and ceiling for better acoustic performances, the architectural motifs are inherited but translated into a different textural quality with light wood panels and strips with switchable glass for a change of younger vibe. The dichotomous showrooms are mediated by a neutral greyish lobby that extends into the general office and workshops behind. Pipings and electrical routings are expressed in vibrant colours to mimic CAD drawings which are commonly found in their everyday engineering drawings. Many of the furniture and artefacts from decades ago are also preserved and re-appropriated, e.g. the copper plated arc carbon rods, which used to be used in carbon arc lamps as light source in film projectors, are now resting along the reception counter as a textural trim.


Design Team: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun, Natalie KO Tsz-Ching
Photographer: Jimmy HO Tsz-Wai
Status: Completed
Location: Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Floor Area: 450 sq.m
Date: March 2021
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