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Design is a minimal yet effective intervention in dialogue with the needs of its users and context. We filter and accentuate the essential in design, and find beauty in simple and clear intentions.

Napp Studio & Architects is a design office that works across scales between space and object - from architecture, interior, exhibition to furniture and product. As architects, we approach design subjects through series and layers of rigorous operations e.g. social, formal, practical, structural and environmental, which are translated in all scales.

Our practice has won several local and international awards including Gold Award in Taipei International Design Award and Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award; and our works have been exhibited in a number of exhibitions e.g. 16th International Venice Architecture Biennale, SPARK The Science and Art of Creativity, Hong Kong/Shen Zhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

Napp Studio & Architects was founded by Aron TSANG Wai-Chun and Wesley HO Hung-Lai in 2016.


納設計及建築事務所 是一家設計工作室,作品以空間及物件跨越不同領域-從建築、室內、展覽到家具及產品設計。作為建築師,我們通過多方面、多層次細密的工作過程來處理各類的設計需求,回應在社會、形式、實際操作、結構以及環境不同層面的詮譯。

我們的作品榮獲多項本地和國際獎項,包括臺北設計獎金獎及香港青年設計才俊獎;作品亦曾在多個展覽中展出,例如: 國際威尼斯建築雙年展、SPARK The Science and Art of Creativity、深港城市/建築雙城雙年展。

納設計及建築事務所 由曾偉俊及何鴻禮於2016年創立。

people 人物
Aron TSANG Wai-Chun is a Registered Architect in Hong Kong. Upon receiving his MArch and BA(AS) from University of Hong Kong with Distinction, he has worked in a number of renowned offices in Hong Kong, Seoul and Stockholm. His works have been awarded and featured at multiple competitions and publications, in which he was also awarded as one of the Hong Kong Young Design Talents.

Wesley HO Hung-Lai received his Master of Architecture at Harvard GSD and Bachelor Degree in Architectural Studies at HKU. He has worked in New York, Hong Kong and China. He was a teaching assistant for Career Discovery at HKU and option studio at Harvard GSD. His work was exhibited in US, Europe and China; and was published in a+t magazine, WIRED Japan, Milan Expo USA Pavilion website and GSD Platform.

曾偉俊,香港註冊建築師,現為納設計及建築事務所 執行總監。他畢業於香港大學建築學士學位及碩士學位課程,亦曾於香港、首爾及斯德哥爾摩的知名建築事務所工作。他的作品獲得多個獎項,並發表於多個設計比賽及刊物,其中包括贏得香港青年設計才俊獎。

何鴻禮,納設計及建築事務所 設計總監,分別取得香港大學建築系學士學位及哈佛大學GSD建築系碩士學位。他曾於紐約、香港及中國工作,包括在香港大學Career Discovery及哈佛大學GSD option studio擔任助教。他的作品曾於美國、歐洲及中國展出,並發表於a+t magazine、WIRED Japan、 米蘭世博2015美國館網站及GSD Platform。

press 報道
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