‘100 drawings on community’ examines drawing as a methodological instrument for architects and artists to understand and to critically reinterpret, uncovering the hidden identities of our city. A mobile drawing station acts as a catalyst to breed drawings and urban sketches of different authors assembled into one documentation.

Designated display room at the Oil Street will be altered into a progressive archive of collective works between architects and the public, which is a palimpsest between actuality and imagination. Using drawing as a tool to understand people, culture and history, we invite everyone to reflect and reimagine our city.


Designer: Aron TSANG Wai-Chun
Collaborators: Anthony KO Chun-Ming (Dilemma Studio), Rosalia LEUNG Ho-Ching
Manufacturer/ Detail Design: ummm Design Studio
Status: Completed
Area: 30 sq.m
Date: July 2018
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